Lesson 6

The demonstrative pronoun is used to express “this” or “that”. sa is the masculine nominative singular form, þata the neuter nominative singular form, and so the feminine nom. Sing. Form.

All forms are:

Nom. Sing. Sa, þata, so

Gen. Sing. þis, þis, þizos

Dat. Sing. þamma, þamma, þizai

Acc. Sing. þana, þata, þo

Nom. Plur. þai, þo, þos

Gen. Plur. þize, þize, þizo

Dat. Plur. þaim, þaim, þaim

Acc. Plur. þans, þo, þos

The class I verbs are conjugated as follows:

To write, meljan

I write – ik melja

You write – þu meljis

He writes – is meljiþ

We write – weis meljam

You write (plur.) – jus meljiþ

You two write – jut meljats

They wrote – eis meljand

The past tense can be formed by adding -id after mel-.

I wrote – ik melida

You wrote – þu melides

He wrote – is melida

We wrote – weis melidedum

We two wrote – wit melidedu

You wrote (plur.) – jus melideduþ 

They wrote – eis melidedun

-ida, -ides, -ida, -idedum, -idedu, -ideduþ, -idedun

The imperative is a command like “write!”, “do!”. There are only a few forms:

Second person (you sing.) – melei!

Second person Plural (you plur.) – meleiþ!

The present participle “writing”, meljands/meljanda is weak and conjugated in the same way as the weak nouns frauja, hairto and laiktjo.

Nom. Sing. Meljands/meljanda, meljando, meljandei

Gen. Sing. Meljandins, meljandins, meljandeins

Dat. Sing. Meljandin, meljandin, meljandein

Acc. Sing. Meljandan, meljandona, meljandein

Nom. Plur. Meljandans, meljandons, meljandeins

Gen. Plur. Meljandane, meljandane, meljandeino

Dat. Plur. Meljandim, meljandim, meljandeim

Acc. Plur. Meljandans, meljandona, meljandeins


letter – bokos (f. O)

To translate – gaskeirjan (I)

to – du + dat

to you – if it’s a movement, you use the accusative of you

to do – taujan (I)

body – leik (n. A)

big – mikils (adj. A)

again – aftra

to hear – hausjan (I)

head – haubiþ (n. A)

Try to read:

Matthew 5:33

   aftra hausideduþ …



1. This servant is sick – …

2. He wrote the names – …

I wrote a letter to you (acc.) – …

The writing servant is here – …

What do you want to do? – …

Without you, I can’t do that – …

The body of that servant is big – …

And again I write him a letter – …

The head of the writing servant is big – …


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