Lesson 7

The u-stem is as follows:sunus (son)

Nom. Sing. sunus

Gen. Sing. sunaus

Dat. Sing. sunau

Acc. Sing. sunu

Nom. Plur. sunjus

Gen. Plur. suniwe

Dat. Plur. sunum

Acc. Plur. sununs
The masculine i-stem:

staþs (place)
Nom. Sing. staþs

Gen. Sing. stadis

Dat. Sing. stada

Acc. Sing. stad

Nom. Plur. stadeis

Gen. Plur. stade

Dat. Plur. stadim

Acc. Plur. stadins

The past tense of “to be”:

I was – ik was

You were (sing) – þu wast

He was – is was

We were – weis wesum

You were (plur) – jus wesuþ

They were – eis wesun
The future tense of any verb is the same as the present.

son – sunus (m. U)

to hear – hausjan (I)

yesterday – gistradagis

tomorrow – du maurgina

soon – sprauto

very – filu

We hear that now – …

What do we write now? – …

Where were you yesterday? – …

The gift of my son is here… where is your gift? – …

I wasn’t there! You know that! – …

Where is he…. – …

I was there without him yesterday – ….

Very very soon, we’ll be there. – …

You weren’t in this place. – …

I don’t know where this place is… – …


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